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Book a flight now and experience the DC-3!


Depending on your personal interest and flying experience, we will guide you through the startup sequence. After that we will discuss the operational procedures and show you the systems that are instrumental when flying a DC-3.

The next step is firing up the engines and taxi out to the runway and takeoff. Once getting used to handling the DC-3 by performing turns and configuration changes we will set you up for a landing.

Book a flight now and experience the DC-3!


Professional training


For professional training for experienced DC-3 flight crews, please contact harry@dakotasim.com for more information about the possibilities and certification of the simulator.

Please note: The DC-3 flight simulator dome houses a real DC-3 cockpit. This cockpit is an exact copy of the famous Dutch DC-3 PH-PBA cockpit which is operated by DDA Classic Airlines. Like most simulators our simulator is not a toy. Therefore we prefer customers with some sort of flying experience. The simulator availability for non-pilots will be limited. Contact us for the availability.

Book a flight!

Together with our experienced instructors you will learn how to fire up the massive DC-3 Pratt and Whitney engines. We will perform an engine run-up and after that take to the skies. Book this unforgettable lifetime experience now!

Single session 2 hours: A single pilot sortie consist of a 2 hour session and is priced at € 350,-. This includes a sim operator and instructor.
You can bring a friend and share the costs. Additional hours are € 175 per hour.
Do you want to book multiple flights? Or do you have any questions? Contact us at harry@dakotasim.com.

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