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Welcome to the DC-3 simulator

Dutch Dakota PH-PBA

The DC-3 "Dakota"


Since training certain manoeuvers are simply too dangerous on a real DC-3 “Dakota” aircraft it was decided to develop a flight simulator. This Dakota flight simulator had to be top of the line in system performance and the mimicking of control movement. Thanks to Mr. Verburg and his company MPS it all got done.

An old DC-3 Dakota cockpit was found and the cockpit of the airworthy Dutch Dakota PH-PBA was copied and built into the acquired Dakota cockpit shell. This was done in great detail and the only thing lacking are the windshield wipers and drives. After putting in a state of the art visual system the DC-3 flight simulator was ready.

Since 5 years the flight simulator has only been “flown” by experienced DC-3 Dakota crews. They were able to experience and train engine failures, fires and other horrible stuff. This training has proven to be very valuable and I quote: “the simulator training has definitely saved our lives when we really experienced an engine failure at low level with our DC-3”.

The operating costs of the simulator are high and DC-3 crews far and few. We have decided to make the simulator available to flyers with an interest in trying out this iconic airplane. No ratings required. You will be guided through a full startup, take-off, flight and landing by experienced DC-3 pilots.

A single pilot flight sortie takes 2 hours and costs €350. You can show up with two pilots for a 3 hour session and split the costs. You will get to fire up the massive Pratt and Whitney engines and run them up before take-off just as you would do in real life. I will be an unforgettable experience!

Book your flight via harry@dakotasim.com and learn something new in something very old.

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